Send A Kid To Camp~~2016 Appeal

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who donated to our Send A Kid To Camp fund for the summer of 2016!!

We raised over $10,000, enough to provide 50 weeks of camp to kids that otherwise would not have been able to come.

Thanks again to the following:

Alt, Norman & Maryann
Amato, Joseph
Andy, Emil & Eleanor
Bjorkman, Thomas & Donahey, Roxanne
Clayton, Julia
Cooper, Louis
Cox, Sarah
Cutler, Gladys
Deetjen, Patricia
Dentino, Anne
DeSibour, Blaise & Clapp, Leslie
Dibble, Keith & Alison
Drewry, Virginia
Dullnig, Jon & Judith
Eaton Paving & Excavation
Everdell, Preston & Sarah
Fenn, Marcia
Fletcher, William & Adele
Flood, Laurence
Fowler, Andrea
Freeman, Richard & Bender, Nancee
Grover, Kathryn
Hartmann, Judd & Gretchen
Hopkins, Jonathan & Margaret
Hyde, Matthew & Catherine
Leith, William & Christine
M.D. Joyce & Co.
M.E. Astbury & Son, Inc.
Mallow, Donald
Marshuetz, Richard & Mindy
Merle B. Grindle Agency
Murphy, John
Nelson, Christopher
Parson, Esther
Parson, Steve & Lea
Peck, Abigail
Perkins, Thomas
Pressman, Ronald
Richardson, Lynette & Temeles, Emilie
Rodes, Thomas
Rosborough, William & Maren
Ryan, Michael & McGregor, Mary
Rylands, Mary Allison
Seligsohn, Deena
Simpson, Janet
Slaven, Robert & Linda
Snow’s Plumbing & Heating
Sorenson, Erik & Joan
St. Francis By the Sea Episcopal Church
Stookey, Noel & Elizabeth
The Clamdigger
Thelwell, Joan
Viking Lumber
Vogt, Anne & Kenneth
Wardwell, Horace & Sylvia
Wilkinson, Bradford & Mary
Williamson, Page & Gail
Wooden Boat

Camp Weather
May 28, 2024
Apparent: 47°F
Pressure: 1013 mb
Humidity: 99%
Winds: 4 mph ESE
Windgusts: 9 mph