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2019 Annual Appeal Letter

Dear Friend of Nichols Day Camps,

At this time of year, the golden sunlight of late fall ignites the crimson winterberries along Camp Lane, reminding us of the cyclical nature of all things. Our camp cycle follows the same strange timing as our native Witch Hazel. This hardy shrub blooms in late fall, reaching threadlike yellow petals out into the coming winter, searching for the hardiest pollinators to help them take the first steps towards producing nuts for harvest next summer. We too, start our year in late autumn, reaching out to our community for support, taking the first steps towards building next year’s Camp Experience.

Our wonderful summer programs are the harvest of pollination efforts that start almost as soon as camp closes for the season. During the summer, our attention is fully on the day-to-day operations of the camp; camp songs and laughter ring through out our seven acres, band aids and snacks fly off the shelves, and there are signs of budding friendships everywhere you look. The energy of 150 people, most of them quite young, working and playing together to create the wonder of Summer Camp is remarkable. The end of the camp season brings a flurry of goodbyes and then overnight, everything changes. Incredibly, it’s time to put the camp to bed and start working toward next summer’s harvest.

Now, we start to move forward with our plans for the coming year. Our first line of business is to make sure we can meet our non-programmatic expenses for next year. Our Annual Appeal goal is $16,000 and we are turning to you for this support. This money will help keep the lights on, the phones ringing, the internet pinging, the insurance paid, and the buildings and property well-maintained. Once we have these bases covered, we can turn our attention back to building the fabulous Nichols Day Camp experience. We have enclosed a remittance envelope and look forward to receiving your super generous and tax-free contribution to our continued operations!

Thank you for supporting us in creating time and space for kids to develop community, independence, lasting friendships, and connection to nature. Thank you for helping our campers become tomorrow’s leaders!

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Through camp I gained life skills, wonderful friends, and most importantly, I gained a better understanding of who I am and who I am meant to be. I feel that I have vastly grown as an individual in the past two years. I have more confidence, I am more outgoing, and I am many more things.
Jen Lawson