May My Child Come For One Week Of A Two Week Session?
Our two-week long Sessions One, Two and Three are programs that are planned to be 10 days long; the second week is not just a repeat of the first week but a continuation of what was learned/experienced in the first week carried to new levels of learning the second week.

Our policy is to accept reservations for one week campers in two-week sessions only if their parents/guardians/grandparents pay for both weeks. This policy is in place because one week campers are reserving space that is normally reserved for two week campers and the spare week is then no longer available to those hoping to come for the full session.

There is an alternative to reserving space and paying for the entire session, however: You may ask that your camper be placed on our waiting list.  If there is space available beginning the Wednesday before your requested two-week session begins, and no one else on the waiting list requests the full two weeks, we will gladly have your camper attend for a single week of the session without paying for two full weeks.  This alternative works if you are able to wait things out knowing that attending may not pan out.


Is Your Child Ready For Nichols Day Camp’s Scamp, Nichols And Summer Adventure Programs?
Most camp directors look for 5 attributes or traits of readiness to begin camp or move from one age group program to another within camp. Ask yourself if these 5 traits are mostly true for your child, no matter which program they are attending this summer:

  1. Honestly excited about camp
  2. Able to follow directions without being asked repeatedly
  3. Able to take care of own personal care in bathrooms and changing rooms and in regard to the use of sun screen
  4. Able to keep track of own backpack, clothing, supplies and lunchbox
  5. Possess a positive disposition about most experiences outside the home

If so, then she/he is probably ready for summer camp. Of course, campers don’t have to be perfect in all of these areas to attend because camp provides a wonderful opportunity to grow, improve and gain independence.

Scamp Program (5 and 6 year olds):

  • Tie shoes or has shoes they can use independently
  • Follow directions when asked
  • Change in and out of clothing independently with minimal assistance two-to-three times daily
  • Use bathroom facilities independently
  • Sit in group quietly, listen and contribute when asked
  • Line up and follow a counselor when directed
  • Care for belongings (keep track of lunchbox, water bottle, backpack, towel and footwear)
  • Receive minimal help applying sunscreen

Nichols Program (7-12 year olds):

  • Tie shoes
  • Follow directions with minor to no reminders in a variety of situations
  • Change in and out of clothing independently two-to-three times daily
  • Work both independently and in small, medium and small groups
  • Use bathroom facilities without behavioral supervision
  • Sit in groups and listen and contribute when asked
  • Line up and follow a counselor when directed
  • Care for belongings (keep track of lunchbox, water bottle, backpack, towel and footwear)
  • Carry backpack around camp all day
  • Apply sunscreen on own with minor help from counselors
  • Be a role model for younger campers

Summer Adventure Program:

  • Be a role model to younger campers
  • Follow directions in a variety of situations
  • Act as leader in a variety of situations
  • Work both independently and collaboratively in small, medium and large groups
  • Help contribute to the design of each Summer Adventure attended
  • Care for belongings (keep track of lunchbox, water bottle, backpack, towel and footwear)
  • Apply sunscreen independently as needed
  • Come to camp prepared each day

Going to a summer day camp is always an adjustment for campers whether they are new or experienced. At Nichols Day Camp each camper is stretched in new ways, but with well-trained, caring counselors and 50+ years of camping tradition, each camper is given phenomenal opportunities to learn, grow and have fun while spending their day outdoors in a beautiful natural setting.


My child met another camper at Nichols and became friends, is there a way for them to get in touch outside of camp? 

YES! We love to help these friendships grow beyond camp! With permission and guidance from both parents, we are happy to assist in exchanging contact information to help continue these friendships.

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