CIT (Counselor in Training) Program (Age 15 and up)

Bridge program participantsThis program is for boys and girls who are at least 15 years old. The CIT Program is four weeks long and will be held twice during the summer.   This program is selective and progressive as you spend the summer moving from a camper toward a terrific Junior Counselor and Counselor in future years.

This year’s dates for the CIT program are:

June 25th through July 20th    $450 

July 22nd through August 17th   $450 

(note tuition is the same for Hancock county residents and non Hancock county residents)

Applicants who wish to be considered for this program are expected to make a firm, four-week commitment.  Those who are selected to participate in this program are also eligible to travel to and from NDC on the camp bus.

This is a wonderful opportunity to take on new responsibilities, learn new teaching skills and practice emerging leadership skills in a safe and nurturing environment. You will have fun doing some daily activities developed just for your group that is separate from your training activities.

Each day with your Head Counselor you will:

  • Spend time working toward certifications such as Community First Aid and CPR, as well as Junior Lifesaving or Basic Water Safety.
  • Take part in CIT workshops on child development, camp safety and the best practices in counseling, teaching and being role models to young campers.
  • Spend a small amount of time in Nichols and/or Scamp Program activity periods observing (and later helping) counselors.
  • Meet with your group of CITs and Counselor to discuss your experiences in the activity area you visit, what you have learned, what good counseling looks like and how to emulate it when you return to practice your skills the next day.
  • Spend time every day with other CITs doing a fun, traditional camp activity or two just for you.

Bridge program participants and campersBeing a CIT at Nichols Day Camp is a challenging and rewarding experience.  Your days will be spent in a wide variety of activities.  It is important to understand that being a CIT is a responsibility.  Be sure that you are willing and prepared to meet the challenges presented in this program before you apply.

Please remember a CIT will:

  • Participate with enthusiasm!  An important part of leadership when mentoring children is enthusiastic participation.
  • Come to camp prepared to learn new skills and practice them in a safe, encouraging environment.
  • Bring a positive attitude and a sense of fun as a role model.
  • Be held to higher behavioral standards than campers.
  • Show maturity in both actions and words.
  • Have opportunities every day for fun activities just for those in the CIT program.

Bridge programIf you and your Parents/Guardians think you are ready to take on the challenge of being a CIT,  you will click on the link to our new registration program on Registration tab. You will fill out the Application for the CIT Program and also Parents/Guardians will need to submit a regular camp registration for their child with a $50 deposit. (all part of the same online program)

If applying for a Campership, deposit is refundable if child does not qualify for any Campership amount and you decide not to attend camp because of that reason.

Applicants will also need one letter of recommendation from an unrelated adult who knows them well such as a teacher, coach, pastor, or family friend.  This recommendation should be sent directly to the camp office.

Upon acceptance into the CIT Program, you will receive a welcome letter with more specific information about your schedule.  If you do well in the program there will be an opportunity for you to apply for a staff position at Nichols Day Camp in future years.

Thank you again for your interest in the CIT Program at Nichols Day Camp.  We are preparing for a great summer learning experience and we hope you will apply to join us.

All the Best,

Nichols Day Camp

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